DetroitRuby up and Running

A couple of weeks ago I made it over to the Quicken Loans offices in Detroit for the third (ever) meeting of the DetroitRuby group. Hosted by Mike Bobiney (Quicken Loans) and Chris Hallenday (Tukaiz), the featured speaker for the evening was Carl Wright – the President and Founder of Service Level Corporation. His talk – Meet Mr. Enumerable was an interesting look at the features and uses of the enumerable module. I enjoyed Carl’s talk, learned a couple things about some new features in 1.9.2, and enjoyed chatting with Mike, Chris, and Carl afterwards.

Being a Detroit native it was very pleasing to see that the reports of Detroit’s death have been greatly exaggerated. In addition to the energetic (and from what I could see, full) offices of both Quicken and Compuware (The two companies share a ten story building) I also met and chatted a bit with Nathan Hues, one of the founders of a new venture dedicated to leading a technical rebirth in the city.

If the people I met who organized and attended the DetroitRuby meeting are any indication, it seems clear that Detroit is on an upward slope towards becoming a hotbed of technical innovation and development in the near future. You can catch a glimpse of this yourself by visiting DetroitRuby’s next meeting registration page and signing for their next meeting on July 14th.