Now We Are Ten

Ten years is a long time.

You can go from newlywed to a family of five, including boys in fourth and second grade. That’s pretty good considering that the average marriage in the US lasts only eight years. You can eat up the first half of your “middle age”, but still console yourself with the fact that you’ve got at least a fat three decades to look forward to. In ten years you can double your income, double your investments (unless the market decides to crash once or twice in the mean time), and watch the value of your home double as well (insert big laugh here).

From a business perspective, prospering (even surviving) ten years is a terrific accomplishment. It easily puts you in the top third of start-up survival rates, and in ten years a company’s economic impact on an area can go from barely supporting its founders and a few interns to supporting dozens of employees, spouses, and their families.

Atomic Object turned ten this summer. I’m proud to have been a part of it for nearly two thirds of that time. It’s been a hell of a good ride, but the biggest question in my mind this month is what will the next ten years bring?