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Balanced Team Conference 2011

Kedron and I had a great time attending the Balanced Team Conference last weekend.

The Balanced Team conference was a continuation of the Agile UX retreats started by Anders Ramsay and Lane Halley in early 2010 kicked off at Cooper.

Balanced Team Conference Attendees

The previous Agile UX retreats have been workshop and discussion oriented:

Last weekend’s retreat was more focused on presentations and follow-up discussions that were preserved and published to a wider audience.

I presented on managing balanced teams using integrated design and development backlogs and intermediate goals. In retrospect, it is satisfying to observe Atomic trying new practices and increasing the value we offer. Working with the Balanced Team group has stimulated thoughts that prompted practice growth and allowed me to reflect progress back to the Balanced Team group.

My presentation tied together several blog posts I’ve recently written:

The conference organizers have done a fantastic job putting slides, notes and video content online. Here are the resources for my presentation:

Please check out all of the conference resources on Laynard.

Thank you to the conference sponsors!

And thank you to the conference organizers: Anders, Lane, Desirée, Mary, and Chris!

Please contact me if you have any questions about the Balanced Team group or putting Balanced Team principles to work in your company or team.

Shawn Crowley (53 Posts)

Shawn is a Vice President of Atomic Object and works in Atomic’s Grand Rapids office. Shawn is involved Atomic’s pre-project consulting work and helps clients understand how Atomic can develop their next product. Shawn is involved in operational management, growth initiatives, and the maturation of Atomic’s deep integration of design and development practices.

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