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On to New Adventures


I joined Atomic Object just over three years ago as an embedded software developer. Since then, I’ve worked for many customers on many diverse projects. I’ve had the opportunity to build things with experts who care deeply about what they make and how they conduct their work. I’ve learned from and taught fantastic developers. But, most important to me, I’ve worked with people who, like myself, crave competency.


Yet, I’m leaving Atomic Object this week. After three good years at AO (and 6 years primarily pursuing my career), I’m following my partner, Dr. Julianna, as she pursues her own career. She’s secured a residency in Washington State and I’m excited to see where she takes me.

I’ve had a blast at Atomic. I have great friends here and have had great times. I’m sad to leave, but I am also so very proud of Julianna.

Thanks for reading!