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Porting Android Code to BlackBerry

After completing an Android application, we were asked to port it to BlackBerry. The Android code follows the Presenter First design pattern; therefore, we initially assumed that we would be able to re-use all the models. However, porting even the non-UI code was surprisingly difficult: The BlackBerry JVM is based on Java ME (a limited subset of the standard Java SE); therefore,

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Our BlackBerry Development Environment

We have been hired to port an iPhone/Android app to BlackBerry. The prospect of developing a BlackBerry app is painful for us for several reasons:

  1. The only IDE plug-in is for Eclipse. (We prefer IntelliJ.)

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On Sabbatical at Atomic Object: First Impressions

I am a professor at Grand Valley State University spending my sabbatical year at Atomic Object. The primary goal of this sabbatical is to gain “real world” experience that will help me better prepare my students to be professional developers. Before working at Atomic Object, my teaching of design and testing principles was limited to explaining the information in the textbooks and reiterating anecdotes from my colleagues who had spent some time in industry. I expect that my experiences at Atomic Object will lend authority to my teaching of software development.

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More Additions to kSOAP2

We have been using the kSOAP2 library for SOAP communications on Android. Previously, we discussed using Manfred Moser’s fork which fixed the a bug with SoapObject#getAttribute, and adding methods to check whether a particular property or attribute exists.

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