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Atomic’s Micah Alles Joins Local Orbit as CTO


In a unique partnership between Atomic Object and Local Orbit, a thriving Ann Arbor startup, I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Local Orbit as their CTO!

Local Orbit’s small, brilliant, motivated team is dedicated to helping people build profitable businesses and healthier communities. They provide people who are building the New Food Economy the platform and tools they need to do their work. Local Orbit’s software platform connects buyers and sellers of local food with shorter, more transparent supply chains. By organically connecting multiple local food hubs, buyers, and sellers in an emerging market, we are supporting entrepreneurs who rely on Local Orbit to run their businesses. Real people, getting real value, from a cutting-edge platform.

Read more on Atomic’s Micah Alles Joins Local Orbit as CTO…

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Why You Should Never Use the Word “Obviously”


One of our core values at Atomic is Teach and Learn. This belief is evident in many different aspects at Atomic, from the external (presenting and attending conferences) to the internal (setting up brown bag presentations and weekly cross-team design reviews). It is also clear in the day-to-day work, like pairing and problem solving as a unit instead of as individuals.

As I’ve spent time learning and listening to the great teachers we have at Atomic, I’ve noticed one word missing from nearly everyone’s vocabulary: “obviously”. Read more on Why You Should Never Use the Word “Obviously”…

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My Atomic Experience

IMG_4534I recently accepted a position with a new company and was offered a compelling opportunity that balances my passion for designing software experiences with my love for high aesthetics.

Being at a point in life where a significant change is needed, this urge to start something new is very exciting. Over the past few years, I have spent a lot of time building my craft, testing with practices at many stages of the design process. Through this transition, I find this new opportunity to be unveiling new design challenges, which is exciting for me.

Life as an Atom

Starting a new job is always tough, but leaving a good job is always tougher.

Read more on My Atomic Experience…

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Nature Matters – Insights on Biomimicry


Image courtesy GreenWizard.

Biomimicry, biophic design, nature-based design — these are all terms that describe how natural systems offer powerful models that influence the built world (including architecture, workplace design, and technology). It’s all about finding design inspiration from nature to solve human problems.

Here are some insights on biomimicry and the potential it holds for long term sustainability in architecture, workplace design and software development. Read more on Nature Matters – Insights on Biomimicry…

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25 Reasons I Love Being an Atom!


I always find myself unintentionally bragging about my job to Facebook, my friends and family – and recently, I took a survey for the 2014 Crain’s Cool Places to Work in Michigan. It motivated me to give my perspective as to why I love my job and why working at Atomic Object is so flipping awesome!

Read more on 25 Reasons I Love Being an Atom!…

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Pro Tip: Anticipate Your Customers’ Needs


Over the years, I have learned and observed others at Atomic Object anticipating the needs of a customer to ensure that, if an issue does arise at a future date, we can react quickly and minimize any complications. Taking the time to anticipate future needs and putting yourself in a position act on them shows that you give a shit and have the customer’s best interest in mind.

Here are a few needs I think are important to try and anticipate. Read more on Pro Tip: Anticipate Your Customers’ Needs…

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My ‘Bon Voyage’ to Atomic


I joined Atomic Object just over eights years ago as a software developer. Since then, I’ve worked for 17 customers on many diverse projects and using 10 different languages.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a group of people who take great pride in their work, their customers, and their sharing of the fantastic knowledge they have gathered. Read more on My ‘Bon Voyage’ to Atomic…

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Worry; Don’t Stress


Carl likes to talk about the worry gene culture at Atomic — our predisposition to turn worries into concrete, positive action. The converse of this behavior, inaction, can quickly lead to unresolved worries piling up. That’s where stress comes in. And despite our predisposition to positive action, we all sometimes need a kickstart in the right direction.

Fortunately, many of our practices at AO already serve to guide us toward the concrete, positive actions we need. And there are other simple things I’ve found that help effectively spur the worry gene into action. Read more on Worry; Don’t Stress…

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Embracing the Freedom to Fail


I’ve been with Atomic for two years now, and one of the most difficult things for me to learn was how to stick my neck out and try new things — especially things that could end up looking like a waste of time or money.

Atomic has a great culture that encourages taking ownership, making lots of experiments, and learning from mistakes. This attitude sounded great in principle, but I found it extremely stressful. As a high-S, high-C personality, it’s very important to me that I:

  1. look competent, and
  2. avoid conflict.

So naturally, I avoid risk like the plague. College and past jobs had taught me to be good at getting all my ducks in a row (which was my natural inclination anyway), but none of them taught me to experiment and not be afraid of messing up. Read more on Embracing the Freedom to Fail…

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Hiring Developers in Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor & Detroit


Atomic Object is looking to hire two developers — junior or senior — in our Grand Rapids office. We’re also hiring designers and developers in Ann Arbor and Detroit.

Here’s where you can apply.

What does Atomic do?

We create custom software products — mobile, web, desktop and embedded — for clients ranging from startups to the Fortune 500. Our typical projects are large and complex. Our success relies on smart designers and developers who can collaborate closely and work on self-managed teams to produce quality software that our clients love.

Why work at Atomic?

Here are a few more reasons why you should be considering working here: Read more on Hiring Developers in Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor & Detroit…

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