My First Visit to a Contract Manufacturer – Flextronics

Over the past 8 months, I have been writing firmware for a consumer electronic device. If there’s anything I’ve learned throughout this project, it’s that taking a good idea and turning it into a sellable product is a lot of work! I used to think that coming up with a good idea was the hardest part. In reality, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Assuming everything goes according to plan, the product I’ve been working on will be in mass production in less than a year. Just recently we began the phase of early-manufacturing and Design Validation Testing (DVT). To help support the process, I booked a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit the contract manufacturing facility, Flextronics. The reason for my visit was to help set up and prove out testing equipment that would be used to validate the functionality of devices that are manufactured. However, while I was there, I got to witness much more of what goes on during the early stages of developing a manufacturing process. It was quite an eye-opening experience.

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Atomic Delivers ReapSo, a Unique Rewards App for iPhone

ReapSo, the latest Atomic Object-designed iOS app, has hit Apple’s App Store and is now offering rewards to customers at 30 participating businesses in the Detroit area.

With the free ReapSo app, users visit participating businesses, scan codes called ReapTags with their mobile phones, and win deals and collectible media items. They can also get rewards through ReapSo’s website and social media.

ReapSo is currently offering rewards through 30 businesses in Royal Oak — including restaurants, boutiques, and pet salons — plus a handful of merchants in Detroit, Southfield, and Troy. And the list is growing fast.

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Project Stories: HealthInSite

Atomic Object engages with customers of all types and sizes. Each project is a little or a lot different from projects we’ve completed in the past. Beyond the different problem domains, technical challenges, and design needs there are different customers. Different customer cultures. Different sizes. Different organizational structures. Different personalities. Each customer needs to be engaged in a unique way and while we work to solve technical challenges, design great user interfaces, and uphold standards of quality we also adapt our engagement style and responsibilities to the specific needs of each customer. This is one story of how we adapted to the needs of one specific customer, taking the pain out of and streamlining the process of building a new software product. Read more on Project Stories: HealthInSite…

iPhone, Meet ArtPrize

Pomegranate Studios, the masterminds behind the international ArtPrize contest, worked closely with Atomic Object to develop an application to let voters use their iPhone to participate in the event.

ArtPrize is a radically open competition where the winner is decided by public voting. Starting on September 23rd, the contest will run for two weeks with the final winner announced on October 8th.

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Realius & Fantasy Real Estate

We started working with a really interesting new client recently, Realius. Realius is a new gaming site specializing in Fantasy Real Estate. We’re their application development team.

Realius’ Fantasy Real Estate games use real-world data to drive the games. Realius has some big plans and cool ideas; it will be really interesting to see how things unfold. A significant update to their first game Price Me Now will be available soon.

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