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Cruisin’ with Divvy

Visit Chicago this year before the weather gets too cold, and you’re likely to see people riding around on some new light-blue bikes. A new bicycle-sharing system called Divvy has spread throughout the city and allows riders to check out bikes from around a hundred different stations.

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My 3 Favorite Places to Bike in Downtown Detroit

I’ve frequently spent time at Atomic’s Detroit office this summer, and I’m excited by downtown Detroit’s cycling opportunities. So far, my 3 favorite places to ride in downtown Detroit are:

1. The RiverWalk

I’ve been rinding the RiverWalk between 6am-7:30am. During that time period the RiverWalk has light traffic and the early-morning crowd is usually cheerful and friendly. The RiverWalk has been a great place for cruising, warming up, or easy spinning.

Riding Detroit RiverWalk

Cycling Detroit RiverWalk

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Winter Bike Commuting

winter-bike-commutingI’ve been commuting to work on a bicycle year-round in Grand Rapids, Michigan since 2005. I’m lucky to work at a place that’s so supportive of bike commuting, enabling me to ride in year-round for the past 8 years.

Winter riding, in particular, is what I find most enjoyable. No one should feel that snow, ice, or sub-freezing temps are insurmountable barriers for winter riding. Every morning I check the temp and see a sub-32F reading I think, “YES! No rain!”

The following are a few tips I’ve learned which will hopefully help and encourage you if you’re curious about trying a winter commute.

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