A Moral Obligation to Market

Chad Fowler spoke at XP West Michigan last night. He did a great presentation on career development and provided excellent perspective on offshoring from his experience in India.

One very intriguing thing he addressed in career development was marketing the product that is you. He offered frank criticism of the “geek culture” that takes pride in seeing itself above things like marketing. His comments apply equally well to a software business as to an individual developer. He went so far as to say that if you have a great product or service, it is your moral obligation to tell the world about it.

While doing things well will certainly draws attention, without actively communicating yourself to the market-at-large, far too few people will know about you. Ignoring marketing is, in effect, robbing others of the opportunity to save money or make money. You have a responsibility to tell the world about the innovation or great experience you can provide.

Recently, we (Atomic Object) have been discussing truly developing our strategy to communicate the benefits we have to offer to the business world. Given Chad’s comments, allow us to offer our apologies to you, world, for not better communicating the insanely great things we do in software before now. Forgive us.