Presenter First Case Studies

Interest in Presenter First seems to be really growing. We’ve received lots of response lately through our blog and website. No doubt, this is thanks in large part to Ron Jacobs of ARCast and his recent series of Podcasts.

Brian Harleton (one of the originators of Presenter First and an author of the Agile 2006 Presenter First paper) forwarded on a link to something very interesting he came across today:

TDD for Both Stand-alone GUI-based application And Eclipse Plug-in Development

These case studies were conducted by Li Le and Li Meng, two students of Dr. John Murphy at the School of Computing, Dublin City University.

The conclusion of the study has this to say:

“Through all the case studies we did and the experience we had to develop this plug-in, it can be proved that presenter first TDD is an excellent software development method used to develop both Stand-alone GUI-based applications and Eclipse Plug-ins.”