Minilab 2.0.0

I’ve just released the minilab 2.0.0 Ruby gem.

By far, the biggest change in the 2.0 version is Ruby 1.9 support. Ruby 1.8 isn’t supported anymore. This is primarily because the version of the ffi gem I’m using only runs on 1.9. That said, the public interface of the Minilab class hasn’t changed, so from a user’s point of view, there’s little difference in the library.

If you’re looking for Ruby 1.8 support, try the old 1.1.0 version of the gem:

Some of the libraries I was using for development, like Systir, don’t run on 1.9, so I’ve made some other changes:

  • Unit tests are run through RSpec with Test::Unit compatibility enabled. Test::Unit compatibility means I didn’t need to make significant changes to the existing tests.
  • Unit tests now use rr for mocking.
  • The old Systir tests were ported to run under RSpec and steak.
  • The gem is now developed with the latest-and-greatest Bundler techniques.

If you’re not developing the minilab gem (read: not me), then the above changes don’t affect you.