Lean Startup Event Comes to Grand Rapids

Entrepreneurs, investors, and product managers: Are you looking for a way to improve the chances of your product’s success?

Okay so it’s a pretty rhetorical question, right? Of course you want to improve your chances for success. Lucky for you some really smart people have been creating a framework to help. It is called the Lean Startup methodology.

The Lean Startup methodology is about leveraging Agile practices to simultaneously work on both customer and product development. Early customer feedback helps validate or evolve the product offering. Early customer development paired with the ability to quickly evolve a product helps to mitigate market risk and avoid building costly software features that no one wants to use.

Atomic believes in the Lean Startup methodology. We are embracing the methodology to help better serve our clients, and we are rethinking how we engage with speculative partners to improve our chances of success.

Shawn Crowley and I have been working with Momentum and various other local companies to create a one day, single-track Lean Startup Conference.

The Michigan Lean Startup Conference is an event designed to unite those interested in what it takes to succeed in bringing products to market. The day-long event will give startups, entrepreneurs, product managers, technology professionals, investors and educators the opportunity to hear insights from national leaders in the lean startup movement and learn what it takes to build a lean startup.

The conference will feature some of the nation’s top innovators and implementers of the Lean Startup methodology.

Key speakers include:

  • Eric Ries – The creator of the Lean Startup methodology
  • Dan Martell – Co-founder of flowtown.com

The Michigan Lean Startup Conference will take place on May 19th, 2011 at the Eberhard Center in downtown Grand Rapids. You will receive a book bundle if you attend. Seating will be limited. Make sure you register soon.


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