Increasing Your Exposure To Experiences


Now that I’m settling into life in Grand Rapids, it’s time to start connecting with the community. I’ve applied to be a soccer referee, and Tuesday night I attended the regular monthly meeting of the GR Testers group.

Wade Wachs had driven down from Traverse City and was trying out his presentation for CAST 2012. Two testers also joined in the evening via Skype.

The talk from Wade was about his experiences at a company that practised Chaos Driven Development and the problems he encountered there. The talk generated a lot of discussion afterwards both on the content and on his delivery, and he got feedback on how to change things before his actual presentation.

It was good to network with the other testers and hear what experiences and problems they were having, to see if I could help them out and see if I could use any of their experiences with my work.

Thinking, “How would I have handled that situation?” is a great way to find out what you really know.

I’ve already been exposed to a number of different projects at Atomic Object; mixing with other testers widens my exposure to ideas and situations even further.