UX is Simple

I really like this post by Alex Morris:

UX is Simple

I ran across it a couple of months ago, printed it out, and stuck it to my computer display. It makes a good checklist, something to review every now and again while I’m working on the interaction design for my current projects. What I appreciate about it is how it takes many of the complex considerations inherent in UX design and boils them down into memorable, quickly-consumed reminders. While I’m doing my work, I’m able to ask myself: Am I making big things feel manageable? Am I showing the way? Am I making the important stuff important?

My favorite line in this piece is, “Don’t try to be clever.” As a designer, sometimes it’s tempting to want to do something new or different, just for a change of pace. The phrase “don’t try to be clever” is a reminder that it’s actually a great idea to choose established patterns that users will recognize. Innovation is important, but only when the circumstances call for it. For a great article on the UX advantages of designing with patterns, see Smashing Magazine’s You Already Know How to Use It.

So, take a look at UX is Simple. Print it out and put it on your wall. Which part do you like the most?