Technology Has Become Mundane, and that’s Amazing

Last night, I took a picture of what I made for dinner. It wasn’t anything spectacular — a salad, some grilled chicken, and a glass of Left Hand Milk Stout. Yesterday, someone brought their new puppy into the office. A large chunk of the office spent an appreciable amount of time looking at this puppy through the LCD screen on their phone. I, myself, snapped several pictures.

Puppy Scratch

In the past, I’ve decried this seeming misuse of technological marvels. Surely technology can be used for greater ends! Must it be relegated to snapping pictures of mundane meals?

I’ve changed my mind. This is, in fact, amazing. We have been able to promote technology to the point where it’s common. It’s something that sits in our pocket. The most incredible of machines has become commonplace.

We can take incredibly detailed photographs of text on a page and send the photograph over the internet faster than we can transcribe the text — faster than we can read it, in many cases.

I have, in my home, a computer with incredible capabilities. It has a marvelous coprocessor and tremendous amounts of volatile storage. I use this machine almost exclusively for entertainment. I use that marvelous coprocessor to render high-definition graphics. I use the 4 high-speed, pipelined, and arguably perfect, processor cores to fill the free time that I have because other technology exists.

The mundane nature of technology today is, itself, amazing.

So don’t let the feeling that you’re misusing technology keep you from snapping pictures of your meals, lattes, or puppies.