Resources for Getting Started with Ember.js

Ember.js is an intriguing framework, but I have occasionally been frustrated trying to find the proper way to accomplish a task. With Ember.js evolving at such a rapid pace, it’s not uncommon for information written only months ago to be completely out of date. To that end, I’ve assembled some of the more helpful sources of information I’ve discovered.


Ember Homepage
Contains definitively up-to-date information about the API and at least some basic guidance about how it should be used in the Guides.


An aggregator for recent ember screencasts, presentations, and podcasts. It’s a great place to watch how ember is evolving.
Screencasts from @ebryn and @machty going over some ember basics.


Ember Hot Seat
Podcasts with people central to the Ember community.
Ember Weekly
A weekly ember newsletter, in the vein of Javascript Weekly and Ruby Weekly.


StackOverflow is the officially-endorsed place for specific questions about Ember.js. Just tag your question with “ember.js”.
Ember Discussion Forum
If your issue is one that doesn’t lend itself to a StackOverflow-style “correct” answer, this would be an excellent place to ask.

The Ember.js community is still growing, and new resources are popping up all the time. Do you have a favorite source for information regarding Ember? Leave it in the comments.