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DevOps Resources for Staying in the Loop

At our last DevOps West Michigan meeting, someone asked where I learn about new things happening in the world of DevOps. Here’s the list I rattled off (plus a few more things I remembered later).

DevOps Weekly Newsletter

This weekly e-mail newsletter from Gareth Rushgrove does a great job of summarizing and aggregating some of the most noteworth blogposts, events, and new tools from the past week. I’ve been able to spend a lot less time seeking out this information since I subscribed. Gareth does a great job of keeping everyone informed.


Between riding the bus to work, doing dishes, and picking up kids’ toys, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Here are some of my favorite DevOps-related shows:


I used to read a lot more blogs than I do now. I took the demise of Google Reader as an opportunity to pare down my feeds. I sometimes still read the blogs aggregated at infra-talk.org. However, there is one blog I do make sure to read every year, and that’s the excellent SysAdvent blog Jordan Sissel started in 2008. In recent years he’s opened it up to posts from other authors as well, and this year I even had the opportunity to contribute a post about Packer.

Twitter and IRC

While Twitter and IRC can be very distracting, they’re also a great way to get to know other people working in this space and learn about new ways to solve problems. At your own risk, check out the ##infra-talk channel on Freenode and look at who the @DevOpsWMI account follows on Twitter.

What are your favorite sources for DevOps-related information?