How to Run via’s Docker Image

I started setting up a new server recently and had an idea — using TFTP to boot a computer from the network instead of local media. I’ve known about this for a long time, but I never had a concrete use for it until recently. And in all honesty, I don’t strictly need it, but […]

How I Use Pytest Fixtures for System Testing

Our team uses the Pytest framework to write system tests for our API product. I’ve been really pleased with how simple, flexible, and unfussy the tool is to work with. There’s plenty of room for creative usage of just its core features to write many different types of tests. In particular, our team has relied […]

How Your Software Project is Like a Language

In my time at Atomic Object, I’ve worked on a range of projects. These projects have spanned domains like education, transportation, and health and wellness. Some were web apps, others native mobile apps, and still others cross-platform native apps. As I’ve gained experience onboarding into these various projects with their wildly different contexts and technical choices, I’ve begun thinking […]

Protons at Atomic: One Way We Recognize Our Colleagues

Here at Atomic, we value feedback. It isn’t a one-way critical street, though. Part of feedback at Atomic is acknowledging our colleagues when they’ve gone above and beyond — for fellow Atoms, our clients, and our community. We have many ways of sharing positive feedback with each other. One of the more formal ways we […]

Answering the Question, “What’s Your Professional Opinion?”

Have you ever been asked to provide your professional opinion on something? Does it make you uncomfortable when someone phrases the ask that way? You’re not alone! It can feel like a loaded question even for people with significant relevant professional experience. But, with some preparation, you can approach these questions with confidence and provide […]

Configure an Express Application with mTLS and express-ws

I recently spent some time adding mutual TLS (mTLS) support to a Node.js Express app. The app was using a library called express-ws to handle WebSocket connections. Problem There are hundreds of examples out there of how to set up an Express app with a certificate and key for TLS. And there are dozens of […]