Speeding Up Remote Project Onboarding with VS Code Live Share

Joining on a new project while working remotely is difficult. Learning the tech stack, business logic, test process, and so on is much harder to do when you’re alone. Of course, when I say alone, I don’t mean completely alone. You have Zoom, Discord, Teams, and Slack. But you are still physically alone. Your coworkers […]

Defined Docker Networks for Seamless Communication Between Projects

If you have a containerized application composed of multiple services, it can become a burden to string together in-network communication. Fortunately, Docker Compose solves this networking problem by making it easy for your containers to communicate without knowing one another’s context. In a couple of short steps, I’ll show you how to quickly get a […]

Firebase with Unity – Part 1: Project Setup

If you are building a Unity application that will require user sign-on, Google’s Firebase is a great option, with Authentication, Database, Storage, Hosting, Functions, and more. Plus it’s fairly easy to get set up! In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to create a Firebase account, register your app, and get your Unity project prepared for […]