Can the macOS Disk Utility really erase an SSD?

Laptop computers, especially those with a lot of internal storage, are very convenient. In the same amount of physical space that a magazine would take up, we can carry an amazing amount of data with us and work with it anywhere. One flip-side of that benefit is that all that data remains inside that computer […]

Representing Function Properties in TypeScript

We’ve been using TypeScript on an Electron project. It’s been a huge win already—a little additional upfront investment gives us more confidence that our code is correct and reduces the chance that it will pass unexpectedly-shaped objects around, a source of many bugs in my past Node applications. But sometimes, it’s not immediately clear how […]

The Security Spectrum of curl | sh

A growing number of organizations are delivering software, generally for macOS, with a very Unix-y but also controversial pattern: using curl(1) to download a script and piping the output directly to sh (a.k.a. Bash(1)). There’s even a blog tracking the phenomenon, with the pointed description, “People telling people to execute arbitrary code over the network.”

Easy Secure Web Serving with OpenBSD’s acme-client and Let’s Encrypt

As recently as just a few years ago, I hosted my personal website, VPN, and personal email on a computer running OpenBSD in my basement. I respected OpenBSD for providing a well-engineered, no-nonsense, and secure operating system. But when I finally packed up that basement computer, I moved my website to an inexpensive cloud server […]