Eight Atom Editor Packages for Easier Web Development

I’ve never been one to customize my editor much: With a background in embedded systems, I wrote most of my (C) code in Notepad++. But part of agile development is embracing change. As I learned web development over the past year, I’ve started changing my editor to fit my workflow better.
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Rails, Active Record & Postgres – Optimizing Deletions

Every Rails project I’ve worked on has used Active Record. ORMs like Active Record have many benefits. They abstract you away from the database. They make querying data elegant and simple (in most cases).

However, sometimes Active Record is not more efficient than Postgres.
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Getting Started with AppleScript

As a consultant, I do my best to be as efficient as possible. I want to provide the greatest value I can, and one of the ways of doing this is by cutting down the repetition in my workflow. If I find myself doing a task frequently, I try to shorten the time it takes to do it, or to automate it completely. Recently, I have been exploring AppleScript, which is a very powerful tool available to anyone running OS X.
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Life After Text Mode: How I Learned to Stop Typing So Much and Love the GUI Again

The command line is a powerful abstraction in the developer’s toolbox—a succinct line of communication directly into the heart of the operating system. A skilled developer can take a small window filled with nothing but a blinking cursor and turn it into a productive environment for building websites, apps, and experiences that delight, amaze, and inspire. But sometimes, we developers get so caught up in the productive asceticism of the command line that we forget about the world outside and all it has to offer. Three apps have me rethinking my Text Mode lifestyle. Read more on Life After Text Mode: How I Learned to Stop Typing So Much and Love the GUI Again…

Sharing Web Data with iOS Using WKWebView

I recently helped develop a native iOS app for a client that sells software to many different educational organizations. We wrote the app in Swift, and it interacts with our client’s pre-existing web API.

One challenge we faced was that many of our client’s customers require single-account, multiple-login (SAML) support through their own web portals. To support SAML, we needed an easy way to pass a user’s API credentials from a web page to our iOS application. In this post, I’ll show how this can be accomplished using WKWebView.
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How to Debug Stored Procedures in Visual Studio in 3 Steps

My first project at Atomic was a C#-based web application using Visual Studio. As time passed, I became familiar with many of the shortcuts and tools that Visual Studio provides to help with common development tasks. Whenever there was a section of code that I didn’t quite understand, I would use the debugging tools to my advantage.

The application relied quite heavily on stored procedures, which I was used to writing within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Unfortunately, SSMS doesn’t provide many tools to help with writing complex stored procedures. Not having much SQL experience beyond basic SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE statements, I decided to use Visual Studio’s tools to help me out.
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IoT Made Easy by Particle

I love the Internet of Things (IoT) uprising that is happening right now. I mostly spend my days writing software, but my degree is in electrical/computer engineering, so IoT technologies combine a lot of things that I am interested in.

When the Raspberry Pi first came out, I got very excited and immediately began building my first IoT device. It was a lot of fun, but I quickly discovered that making an IoT product is really hard and requires a lot more work that I had initially thought.

A few years later, I was delighted to find that a company called Particle is trying to make the lives of people like me much easier. Particle is revolutionizing the world of IoT by building infrastructure that supports taking a product from prototype to mass production with minimal time and effort.
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