A Introduction to Mobile App Testing for New Products

Testing mobile applications across multiple platforms is tricky. Software developers are now faced with an increasingly heterogeneous mix of mobile devices and operating systems. Meanwhile, people have increasingly high expectations for their user experience. I serve as a board advisor to an Ann Arbor-based startup whose native mobile applications are a very important part of […]

3 Things Product Owners Should Incorporate from iOS 14

Every year, typically in September, Apple releases a new version of its operating system for iPhones and iPads. While much of 2020 has differed from the norm, this is one routine that remains unchanged. As usual, this year’s update (iOS 14) included a mix of for-everyone features (things unrelated to app updates) and opt-in features […]

How We Facilitate Remote Team Health Checks at Atomic Object

Team Health Checks are one of our most valuable tools for checking in with our teams. They keep our leadership informed about any acute or systemic issues facing our project teams. And they create a space for teams to share broad perspectives on how they’re feeling about all aspects of their work environment. In this […]

Technology Isn’t Always the Answer

In the modern Western world, we turn to software as the solution to most business problems — and rightly so. Software can be a fantastic tool to bring efficiency, consistency, and predictability to business processes. However, I often see business leaders misunderstanding what technology can and can’t do for them. They look at the tough […]

Sunsetting a Product? First Use HCD to Understand Who Uses It

Atomic’s product teams start software projects with Human-Centered Design (HCD) practices and Design Thinking activities that help us focus on the customers who will use the software. But that’s not the only use for this type of user-centered thinking. I’ve also found HCD incredibly helpful for teams who are deciding whether to continue supporting a […]

A Strategy for Release Planning

Imagine you’re building an internal business tool for your global company. This new tool will improve and streamline the work of hundreds of your coworkers. It’ll also give the business better visibility into how your bottom line is being built. You’re close to having a minimal usable product to ship, so what’s next? Because We […]