When to Call in the Consultants

The decision to contract with a software consulting team is an important one. Bringing in a consulting team like Atomic Object when you don’t need one can be a costly capital mistake. Understanding when to bring that team in and when to let them go is equally important. I’ve recently been using an analogy that […]

When Should a Startup Hire a Software Consultant?

Atomic Object works with all sorts of companies, from technical startups to established traditional businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We engage each company differently, trying to structure the engagement to best meet the needs of the client. Startups, in particular, have a number of cost/benefit questions to consider before engaging a consultancy like ours. Depending […]

Why Hire a Software Consultancy?

As any product company knows, software development can be difficult to wrangle. Huge buckets of features, short timelines, and fierce marketplace competition can make it a major challenge to handle a release in-house, prompting many companies to reach out to software consultancies for help.  Sometimes, this call for help comes a little too late, with only the threat of […]

Why You Should Trust Your Software Vendor – From a Guy who Fears the Mechanic

Buying custom software design and development services, especially for the first time, can be scary. There is clearly a knowledge imbalance between you and your service provider. They (hopefully) understand the effort required to successfully build your product, and you don’t. This puts you at risk of being taken advantage of. I understand this fear. […]

Demystifying the Enterprise Sales Process

When I first started helping with sales, lots of the language, acronyms, and documents associated with enterprise sales opportunities were a big mystery to me. Being observant and listening closely helped me quickly build my enterprise lexicon, but it was not until I had personally worked the full sales cycle all the way from new […]