Addressing 13 Types of Custom Software Risk

Creating custom software can be extremely complex—juggling evolving technologies, competing stakeholders, many types of users, etc. And that makes it risky, both for the company who funds the project and for the consultant who stakes their reputation on it. You can’t eliminate this risk, but Atomic works hard to mitigate it before a project even […]

Why Software Rewrites Often Fail – and How “User Goals” Can Fix Them

Over the last few years, Atomic Object has gotten more and more inquiries from companies who want to replace old custom software. These programs are often written in antiquated languages that few of today’s developers know. And most are dramatically below today’s standards for how software should look and act. Unfortunately, it’s become clear that […]

Choosing the Right Mobile Technology – Native, Cross-Platform, or Responsive Web

Choosing the right mobile technology approach for your project is extremely important. Should you go with native iOS or Android? A new cross-platform technology? A responsive web app? You don’t want to lose half of the potential audience by only building for one platform, but you have a limited budget. And you don’t want to […]