Taming the Photo Monster in 5 Steps

These days, almost everybody deals with something I like to call “The Photo Monster.” Most people have a fairly decent digital camera in their pocket wherever they go. We are taking pictures and shooting video all day, every day, and with each new phone upgrade, the size of our image files increases. As a result, […]

Biology in All of its Complexity

In the wake of the recent debate about vaccines and whether we keep our children “too clean” (hand sanitizer, removing all dust and allergens) or not “clean enough” (5 second rule, dust once a week), I thought it might be helpful to share a recent Econ Talk that I listened to titled Velasquez-Manoff on Autoimmune […]

Product Review: Nest Protect

In 2011, Nest Labs released their first product called Nest, a learning thermostat. The reviews were good, and Nest Labs was congratulated as being the first company to innovate on a product were little to no innovation has recently existed. In 2013 they did it again, releasing the Nest Protect, a smart, wireless-connected smoke and […]

For the Love of Math

My background is in workplace design and architecture, and my skills tend toward the visual, spatial, and intuitive. I haven’t always held a love of math, and I struggled with its abstractions in school. But I’ve always had this intuition about its beauty. Like many people, I browse the news at breakfast, and one recent morning […]

Baby Names & Gmail Accounts

Here at Atomic, we spend 40+ hours a week being designers, developers, and various other roles that go into producing pretty awesome software for our clients. But that leaves 120ish hours a week that I, and many other Atoms, spend being a parent. And it only seems natural that we would apply a little “tech” […]