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Production Logging for Sinatra Applications

Logging for Sinatra applications can be a bit tricky. When in development mode, exceptions are helpfully shown in the browser, or in your terminal where you started the application. In production, however, it takes some additional configuration to properly log requests and errors.

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My Experiences with Ruby off Rails

Ruby Off Rails

I was recently pointed to Ben Singelman’s post on Why Nobody Should Use Rails For Anything, Ever.

We seem to never get enough of arguing about application frameworks: I’m not going to do that. What irks me is when Ruby get thrown out with the Rails bathwater. As one commenter on Singleman’s post demonstrates:

“Interesting perspective. I agree on your general points — Ruby’s fine at an MVP stage I think, but when it comes to creating something for market, it just falls over.”

(This despite the second sentence of the post stating “Independent of ruby, I see Rails as the emperor with no clothes on.”)

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Smoking with Sinatra – A Case Study

We didn’t have as much time as we would’ve liked to build the first ArtPrize iPhone app. But when Karlin and I pulled our stools up to the whiskey bar of short deadlines and high expectations, Sinatra bought us a drink.

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