Technical Spikes – Rehearsing Your Software

At AgileConf 2014, John Krewson presented “The Show Must Go On: Leadership Lessons Learned from a Life in Theater” in which he outlined parallels between the stage acting and software development. Among his points on how project management is like directing and hiring is like casting, John remarked that when a director is preparing a performance, they don’t assemble the actors, distribute scripts, and say, “We’re all professionals. See you on opening night.” Even when everyone on the team is an A-lister, they still need to rehearse.

The same goes for software development.

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Atomic Object Named one of Michigan’s “Cool Places to Work”

Atomic Object has been named one of 75 “Cool Places to Work” in Michigan by Crain’s Detroit Business.

Carl Erickson, Atomic’s co-founder and CEO, described himself as “moved” by the honor: “Business success is nice,” said Erickson, “but achieving it with people who care deeply about what they do, and who they do it with, is better. I’m proud of what we’ve built, and inspired by the people I work with. Happy people do great work.” Read more on Atomic Object Named one of Michigan’s “Cool Places to Work”…

Flexure: A Lightweight Model Framework for Ember.js

Ember Data is ambitious and does a lot of heavy lifting for you, which requires that it makes some big assumptions. It assumes you need an identity map, object relationship management, dirty state tracking, and that your interaction with your server is primarily or entirely CRUD operations.

I recently worked on a project where these assumptions didn’t fit, and I was in a tough spot. While Ember Data has a handful of alternatives, they all share these assumptions. I had to choose: I could use Ember Data and fight it along the way, or I could roll without it at the cost of spending time implementing or copying functionality that Ember Data provides for free. Read more on Flexure: A Lightweight Model Framework for Ember.js…

Clients Aren’t Customers – They’re Teammates

The Detroit Lions have been having a tough year with their kicking game. They are on their third kicker this year, and the season is only half over!  As a Lions fan, I was happy to hear the kicker say this:

“If they send me out there, they’re not sending me out there to just kick the ball. They expect points.”

– Matt Prater, Detroit Lions field goal kicker

I felt that this guy understands it’s the results that matter. (Let’s just forget that he missed his first two fields goals this year.) We want him to go out there and kick the ball, sure. But we also want the result of the kick to get us some points! Read more on Clients Aren’t Customers – They’re Teammates…

A Day in the Life of an Atom – Project Kickoff

Yesterday, my coworker Jeanette shared what A Day in the Life of an Atom is like for a software developer in the middle of a project.

I’m going to walk you through an Atomic day at the start of a project — the initial kickoff and start of a Research, Design, and Planning (RDP) engagement. Read more on A Day in the Life of an Atom – Project Kickoff…

A Day in the Life of an Atom – Development

Working for Atomic Object, a day at the office can including many things, such as meetings, project kickoff, sales meetings with clients, or project leadership. It’s pretty fast paced sometimes.

I don’t know if there’s anything as a “typical day,” but I’m going to walk you through a development-heavy day on my current project, where I’m using some technologies that are newer to me.   Read more on A Day in the Life of an Atom – Development…