6 Design Best Practices for Apple Watch Applications

I recently worked with a client to design a standalone Apple Watch application to serve as an accompaniment for an exiting iOS app. When starting, I was surprised at the lack of design resources for the Apple Watch, specifically for designing standalone Watch apps. Here are my top six tips and resources for designing for […]

Atomic Welcomes its 2020 Grand Rapids Accelerator Cohort

Four new makers have joined Atomic’s Grand Rapids office as a part of this year’s Atomic Accelerator program. The professional development program, which started in 2012, was created for newly-graduated software developers. I asked each of our new Grand Rapids makers to tell me a little bit about themselves. Jimmy Cerone Jimmy recently graduated from […]

Using Docker & Kubernetes Together to Design & Maintain Your Infrastructure

If you’re in charge of an IT infrastructure, you’ve most likely done the same jobs over and over. You’ve also probably heard of Docker and Kubernetes. The two have commonly been mistaken for rivals, but the truth is, they work very well together. Why Docker? When deciding where to build your infrastructure — especially if […]

A “Design Problem” Is Everyone’s Problem

“Well, that sounds like a ‘design’ problem.” It’s a phrase I’ve heard many times in my career. I used to love it. There was a unique challenge, and everyone was relying on designers to find the solution. But recently, it’s started to dawn on me that this phrase has not been used appropriately, or rather, […]

Setting Up a Local Database for Integration Testing in F# with Dapper

I was recently tasked with setting up a local database for integration testing. This code was in F#, and we chose Dapper, a lightweight ORM, for our database needs. After doing some research and consulting with my teammates, we came up with an overview of what’s needed for data related integration tests: Set up a […]

A Guided Tour of Atomic’s Sales Process

Many first-time Atomic clients are also first-time custom software buyers. To those first-time buyers, I can imagine that Atomic’s sales process is pretty disorienting. We sell our services in a non-standard, custom way. If you are experienced in software buying, you might also be interested in a high-level understanding of our sales process. We are […]

Atomic Welcomes its 2020 Ann Arbor Accelerator Cohort

Three new makers have joined Atomic’s Ann Arbor office as part of the Atomic Accelerator — a professional development program for newly-graduated developers. I asked each to tell me a little bit about themselves. Casey Falkowski Casey recently graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science. Before joining Atomic, he […]