Deploy a Static WordPress Using AWS & Cloudflare, Part 1: Building a WordPress in Docker

Basic websites are often made in insecure ways with plugins and features available through frameworks like WordPress. A lot of times though, these websites don’t need these features when they go live because they’re just static sites. For example, if you have a portfolio or personal website, it probably doesn’t have any fancy features that […]

You’re Doing Feedback All Wrong

Managers are expected to give feedback. It goes with the responsibility of leading a team of employees. The idea is that by giving compliments and constructive criticism, they will correct errors and improve the performance of their employees. If they do this task well, their teams will excel. This will lead to happy employees and […]

Four Ways to Bring Your Team Together with a Mid-Project Kickoff

There are many books, articles, and blog posts that describe how to plan and run an effective kickoff. Unfortunately, most of these resources talk about the kickoff as a one-time event. I believe there’s value in having a kickoff-like meeting at least twice a year so that the project team can pause, reflect, discuss, and plan […]