Wrapping a TypeScript Function for Background Execution

In my last post, I showed how to write a higher-order function that could wrap an existing function without losing the original function’s types. Today, I’m going to show how you can use that same technique to wrap an existing function for a different result–to execute it in a background process using the workerpool npm […]

Why Your Big-Team Software Project Needs a Utility Player

Projects with big teams introduce a slew of interesting problems–problems like keeping developers fed with multiple tracks of work, understanding areas with large technical risks, and sharing knowledge. On a recent project, we developed a role to help solve these problems. I call it the utility player. In this post, I’ll define the role, the […]

HTML Snapshot Testing with Node

It’s been almost a year since my posts on Excel workbook snapshot testing and PDF snapshot testing. Both of these have proven to be very valuable in our automated test suite and have allowed us to easily catch regressions, manually inspect the differences, and then update as needed. Another task on my current project has […]