Technical Concepts for Non-Developers, Part 3 – HTTP & HTTPS

When we’re navigating the internet, we’re really just moving between different URLs. A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is often called a web address because it works like an address in the real world — it helps your computer navigate to the webpage you want to see. URLs can be a little trickier to decipher than […]

Create & Auto-deploy a Website with Create React App, Github, and Netlify

Ever wanted to develop your own website, but didn’t know where to start?  Here is a quick tutorial on how to get your own website set up (for free!) within a couple of minutes using Create React App. We’ll also use Github and Netlify’s auto-deployment feature. React Application Setup Our site will be a React […]

Speeding Up Remote Project Onboarding with VS Code Live Share

Joining on a new project while working remotely is difficult. Learning the tech stack, business logic, test process, and so on is much harder to do when you’re alone. Of course, when I say alone, I don’t mean completely alone. You have Zoom, Discord, Teams, and Slack. But you are still physically alone. Your coworkers […]

Want Absolute Imports in React Native? Just Add a Little JSON

If you’ve spent any time working with React Native, you’ve probably run into a peculiar quirk where you’re seemingly forced to use relative imports in all of your source files. Things start to look a bit like this: import {Thing} from "../../../../core/thing"; import {Foo} from "../../foo"; It all quickly becomes unwieldy because it requires you […]

How to Build Flexible, Reusable, Complex Components in Figma with Autolayout

The problem with complex components is that they don’t usually adapt well to design variations. They aren’t flexible. The profile card shown below has many different elements; editing or even removing one would be nearly impossible in a prebuilt component. In an application like Sketch (or even early on in my experience with Figma), I […]

Screen-Free Mindfulness – 4 Ways to Be More Mindful Without an App

Now more than ever, we hear calls to be mindful. Dealing with work stress? Try mindfulness. Your kids driving you crazy? Ditto. Your relationship stale? You guessed it — try mindfulness. I’m on board with mindfulness, but I’m not with the “solution” offered: an app. The Problem with Mindfulness Apps Don’t get me wrong, I […]

3 Ways to Understand & Adapt to Your New Company’s Culture

One of the goals of Atomic’s Accelerator program is to help new hires not only transition from college to professional life but also to learn about Atomic and its culture. This culture-learning process has frequently reminded me of the opportunities I had in undergrad to study abroad. I learned a lot about assimilating to new […]