Self-Hosting Your Own Cloud – Part 4: Movies and Music Using Emby

Services like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and other streaming services are convenient, and I still use some of them. However, the content they offer changes frequently, with some things becoming unavailable due to changes in licensing, or varying depending on which country you are in. When you buy your content free of digital rights management (DRM), […]

How Teaching Board Games Makes Me a Better Consultant

For the past two years, I’ve attended a little-known convention called Gen Con. Okay, depending on who you ask, it might not be that little-known. It draws over 60,000 unique attendees (over 200k visits throughout four days). Besides spending time enjoying everything at the convention—from visiting exhibitor booths to making purchases, trying out new games, […]

Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks – Benefits & Tradeoffs

When clients first contact us about building a mobile app, they often wonder if they should build separate native mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, or if they should use a cross-platform framework. In the past, cross-platform frameworks have gotten a bad rap, and for good reason. They were slow, they didn’t look […]

Dungeon Master Skills You Can Bring to Work #5 – Adaptation

Things don’t always go the way you expect them to go. Sometimes, you have to improvise. You roll with new information and new events as they unfold. Dungeons & Dragons actively invites uncertainty with the randomized dice-based system. Because of this, I know that it’s impossible to plan everything. Instead, I have to rely on […]

It’s “Just Fine” – But What if It Could Be Even Better?

Sometimes, the problem is that things are just fine. I love to ask the question, “What’s the problem we’re trying to solve?” It encourages us to frame the problem better or to seek clarity that will lead to a productive conversation. But sometimes, trying to answer that question has stumped me because it forces me […]