Four Steps for Resolving Conflict with a Team Member

Conflict seems to be an inevitable part of human interaction. How we handle it can make a real difference in our stress levels, career opportunities, project outcomes, and the quality of our relationships. We ask all our employees to build strong conflict resolution skills, and books like Crucial Conversations and Difficult Conversations are required reading […]

Technical Concepts for Non-Developers, Part 2 – Cookies

You’re browsing the internet and a modal (like the one pictured above) pops up. Now you have to decide if you want to “learn more,” leave the website, or accept the cookies. The modal says cookies will “improve your browsing experience,” which sounds pretty great. Plus, clicking the “learn more” link and reading a bunch […]

How to Encrypt Your Existing AWS S3 Objects

Amazon’s S3 service comes with some pretty handy server-side encryption features. In fact, the S3 web app provides a single control to automatically encrypt all new objects in a bucket with SSE-S3 or SSE-KMS. Unfortunately these controls only affect new objects. If your bucket already contains 10,000 unencrypted objects, then turning on automatic encryption does […]

The Responsible Application Audit – A 7-Part Checklist

As developers, we commonly get asked to review codebases for existing software applications. The common thinking is that a skilled developer can simply: “give a look” to the existing codebase, provide an expert opinion on their ability to extend the application, and provide some level of certainty around the costs associated with new functionality. This […]

Four Tips for Starting Your First Development Job Remotely

I recently found myself in a scary situation: graduating from college and starting a new job in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. As if starting a new job and readjusting from college life to work life weren’t stressful enough, I now had to make that adjustment remotely. Fortunately, I found myself starting at a […]

Getting Familiar with Google Drive File Stream

Google File Stream is one of the better file-syncing solutions that I’ve come across. It’s a great tool for organizations that need to collaborate on projects. Not only does it manage your Google Drive content, but it also works well with Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel. Today, I’ll show you how to get […]