Fifth Time’s the Charm – Debugging Ember Octane & Apollo

I recently worked through a seemingly-endless problem inside of a tech stack that I have little experience with. After about half a year inside of a different project that I knew everything about, this process felt pretty painful and frustrating. In fact, I had to experiment with a number of solutions before I found one […]

Why Agile Adoption Fails (+ 8 Ways to Find Success)

Agile adoption failure stories are abundant, especially in large organizations. There are many vague reasons and lame excuses for this: "Our culture doesn’t support change initiatives." "Our leadership won’t adopt an agile mindset.” "Our change order process can’t integrate with an agile process." And so on. Here are some concrete things you can do or […]

Self-Hosting Your Own Cloud – Part 6: Ad & Tracker Blocking with Pi-Hole

We can block trackers and ads while we browse the web with Firefox. But there are still a lot of apps and connected devices that may be tracking us. By setting up network-level ad blocking through DNS, we can further protect our privacy and prevent annoying ads. We will be using Pi-Hole, an excellent free […]