Spinning Up in CMock

I recently started on a large project that utilizes the powerful CMock mocking library in its testing. I tried to find some simple tutorials to get a better understanding of this library. But though there’s a lot of helpful documentation on CMock, I found little advice on getting to know it in general.

Rekindling an Old Flame with C++11

The last time I looked at C++ was in 2002 when I was instrumental in convincing my co-workers to switch over to C#. Up until then, I had spent my entire college and professional career working with C++. That was eight long years. I don’t think I have used any one language for as long as […]

Multiplatform C (with Networking)

I’ve been working on a project with a diverse set of software components that must all work together and communicate over the network. There are separate Mac and Windows clients that must communicate with the same unix server. And while there’s already a well-defined protocol for their network communication and message passing, we also need […]