Is Presenter First Still Valuable to Modern App Architecture?

Thijs van Dien wrote to us in early 2015 with some great questions about Presenter First’s place in application architecture in the post-MVC era. His well-researched questions were a joy to respond to; while there’ve been many advances in desktop and mobile programming patterns since we first wrote about PF back in 2007, we still […]

Presenter First: Data Binding and Adapters

Back in November I got an email from Jiho Han asking a question about Presenter First: “In Presenter First, is databinding still feasible? I’m speaking about situations where you might have a 3rd party grid control where it is almost unusable without databinding.” Happily, we have a new sample illustrating the Adapter extension to Presenter […]

The Exceptional Presenter

PresentationObject is an implementation of Jay Fields’ Presenter pattern in Rails. It has familiar declarative style syntax and offers encapsulating presentation logic in a testable object. Without a presenter-like object it’s easy to spread presentation logic and information across the MVC architecture: models end up with unneeded methods, controllers make unneeded decisions and view templates […]