Setting Up React Native Localization for Multi-Language Apps

React Native Localization (RNL) makes localization much easier to implement, significantly shortening development time. This is a step-by-step guide to setting up RNL, plus some tips for implementation with multi-language apps. Setting Up React Native Localization It only takes two commands to get the library installed: yarn add react-native-localization cd ios && pod install Next, […]

Control When Android Apps Are Released to the Play Store with Timed Publishing

The timing for when to publish an Android app is critical — you need to advertise the app and let users know when it’s available. Unfortunately, the Google Play Console doesn’t give you that ability by default. Once your app is approved, it’s released to the Play Store immediately. You have control over when the […]

An Easy-to-Use TimePickerDialog for Kotlin

Android’s TimePickerDialog is fairly simple to use and works well if all you need to do is to choose hours and minutes. The problem is that you can’t restrict which times can be selected, set time intervals, allow seconds to be chosen, or style it in a meaningful way. The MaterialDateTimePicker library was made to […]