Drawing Shapes with SkiaSharp

My team was working on an activity tracking application and wanted to be able to display segments of time on a radial gauge.  When implementing this feature, I initially tried using some libraries specifically designed to build arcs, but I was disappointed by their lack of flexibility. When my pair recommended looking into SkiaSharp, I was […]

Exporting a Java Library to a Xamarin.Forms Android Project

The device on our current project has two unique software development kits (one for Android and one for iOS). My team wanted to use Xamarin.Forms to create an application for the device so that the core logic of the app could be stored in one place.  However, in order to also incorporate the platform-specific SDK methods, […]

Explorations in Adapting Redux to C#

We’ve been using Redux a lot lately at Atomic, and we’ve come to appreciate how a centralized holder of application state can simplify application architecture. In a few different projects, we’ve used this architecture as inspiration for mobile applications in Objective C, Java (for Android), and Swift. Independently, we’ve also been using Xamarin on our […]