expect()ing the Unexpected

Our tests were crashing. They ran fine individually, but when run as a group, certain tests sometimes failed with a spectacular memory access error. After experimenting with skipping some of the tests, I was able to narrow it down to tests that ran immediately after some database calls. (This was a mobile project for iOS, […]

Optimizing for Mobile Devices with Varnish Cache

Recently, I wrote about using Varnish Cache to speed up websites. However, not all websites appear identically on all devices. For example, many web applications will deliver different content to mobile devices such as phones, tablets, screen-readers, etc. What happens when Varnish receives a request for a resource from one of these devices? Without additional […]

Getting Started with jQuery Mobile

jQuery to the rescue again! jQuery Mobile is built on jQuery and helps ease work on mobile based web applications. The framework gives a great start to a mobile site with very little effort making a custom mobile interface. The examples below are also found on github. jQuery Mobile Basics The files needed to build […]