Control Flow in Ruby Blocks

I recently found myself needing to return early from a block passed into a method in Ruby. Although the way to do this is fairly simple and obvious in hindsight, it seemed to surprise some of my Ruby-enthusiast colleagues. I decided to write this post in the hopes that it’s interesting to others.

Parsing Excel Files with Ruby

In this post, I will review options for parsing Excel files using Ruby. I’ll discuss the different types of Excel files and introduce some of the Ruby libraries that exist for working with them. Note that I focus mostly on reading Excel files in this post, but there is some discussion around writing/updating them as […]

Monadt – Algebraic Data Types and Monads in Ruby, Part 1: ADTs

Functional programming is elegant and expressive. I’ve written before about my love of partial application, and how the funkify gem can be used to bring the power of partial application to your Ruby code. But partial application is just one of the powerful idioms from functional languages that I’d like to borrow in object-oriented languages. […]