Presenter First in Backbone.js

Presenter First is a pattern often used at Atomic. It allows you to drive your development from the business logic down. We recently tried this approach on our project in Backbone.js using CoffeeScript.

With a few helpers, our presenter tests are simple to write and our models and views are nice and separated. We’ve also been pulling out our template expansion into a separate class. Instead of the standard Presenter First triplets we have quads: Presenters, Models, Views, and Expanders. Here’s a small example of how we use our Presenters:

We use Backbone’s built in events for wiring up the business logic.

namespace "MyWidget", (exports) ->
  class exports.Presenter
    constructor: (@view, @model) ->
      @view.bind "openClicked", =>

      @model.bind "reloaded", =>
        @view.render @model

In this example, we’re just using a standard Backbone model. We often have view-models that are composed of Backbone models.

namespace "MyWidget", (exports) ->
  class exports.Model extends Backbone.Model
    reload: =>
        success: =>
          @trigger "reloaded"

We have a very thin view that is in charge of DOM manipulation and event binding.

namespace "MyWidget", (exports) ->
  class exports.View extends Backbone.View
      "click .open": "openClicked"
      "click .save": "saveClicked"

    openClicked: =>
      @trigger "openClicked"

    saveClicked: =>
      @trigger "saveClicked"

    render: (model) =>

    showLoading: =>
      # code for loading, turn on spinner, hide other stuff etc

The Expander is in charge of mapping data from our model to the jquery-expand directive.

namespace "MyWidget.Expander", (exports) ->
  template = JST["thingers/widget"]
  exports.expand = (model) ->
      '$.name': "#{model.get('first_name')} #{model.get('last_name')}"

So there you have it: Presenter First in Backbone.js using CoffeeScript.

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