Graduating from CoffeeScript to LiveScript

CoffeeScript is a nice syntactic alternative to JavaScript and, in the end, that’s all it is: syntax. CoffeeScript doesn’t offer anything not already found in JavaScript, no standard library nor any new operators. Looking for more in a compiles-to-JavaScript language, I stumbled across LiveScript. Where CoffeeScript is a Ruby- and Python-inspired version of JavaScript, LiveScript […]

Testing & Tooling in EmberJS

Like many other Atoms, I’ve recently been doing some work with EmberJS. Ember is an awesome web development toolkit with some really killer features. One of my favorite parts of Ember is how easy it is to test. The framework comes bundled with a system testing framework, and its object model makes unit testing a […]

Node.js and Asynchronous Programming with Promises

Recently Drew Colthorp and I chose Node.js as our platform to build a web service. Node utilizes the V8 JavaScript Runtime and is considered to be a fast and easily scalable solution for network-based applications. In node I/O bound operations—such as networking, databases, or file systems—are non-blocking or asynchronous (for good reason). This kind of […]

Using Namespaces in CoffeeScript

We previously posted about namespace in CoffeeScript. Using namespace is a useful way of organizing your CoffeeScript into meaningful modules. Unfortunately, it can bloat your code when you are using many classes from the same namespace. I’ve recently started using another helper similar to namespace called using. It takes a list of namespaces and merges […]