Are Dynamic Items Missing from Your Design Mockups?

On most of our software projects, design time is constrained. The design investment is front loaded to help understand users, set a broad direction, target features, and establish branding. As a consequence, we don’t usually have every possible detail figured out beforehand. Unfortunately, that means important things can get left off of mockups from time […]

Developer/Designer Collaboration on Single-Page Web Apps

Single-page web apps are an ideal environment for close designer/developer collaboration. Developers often lack the intricate knowledge of CSS and HTML layouts they need to implement a designer’s work as first imagined. Fortunately, many designers have experience with front-end web development. Cooperation between these two “teams” yields faster implementation of designs that represent the designer’s […]

The Responsible Application Audit – A 7-Part Checklist

As developers, we commonly get asked to review codebases for existing software applications. The common thinking is that a skilled developer can simply: “give a look” to the existing codebase, provide an expert opinion on their ability to extend the application, and provide some level of certainty around the costs associated with new functionality. This […]