4 Ways to Meet the Challenge of Unexpected Remote Pairing

Ever since we transitioned to working remotely, there’s been a lot of remote pairing going on. Previous to this, I’d only done remote pairing for quick knowledge transfers (before going off to work solo or in person with a different pair). The benefits of pairing are well understood, and going remote means that some of […]

3 Easy Ways to Explain Your Code to Future Developers

At Atomic Object, we work in a lot of existing codebases, editing code written by previous consultants, employees of the client organization, and sometimes even other Atomic developers. The older the codebase, the more inconsistency you’ll find in pattern, style, and organization. This, of course, makes jumping in to do additional work more difficult. I […]

Five Things To Do on a New Project Before You Have Any Development Work

On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself assigned to a project before clearly-defined development tasks were ready. Despite that, I’ve discovered several worthwhile things I can make progress on. 1. Basic Project Skeleton Even when my workflows are all ambiguous, I often have a good idea of what my tech stack will be. The […]