Simple Skew-Normal PRNG in JavaScript

The basic JavaScript Math.Random returns values with an approximately uniform distribution. While this is often sufficient, many situations require normal distributions. Some situations may be even better served by an approximately normal, but asymmetric, distribution. These are known as skew-normal distributions.

Hexagonal Architecture in Action

I’ve been an advocate of the single-responsibility principle for a long time. I’ve used it effectively on several projects to make sure that each individual class or function has a singular purpose. It’s definitely kept me from making an unholy mess out of some of the more complicated projects I’ve worked on. However, particularly with […]

Time and Relative Distance in Source (Code)

Reasoning about a program’s behavior is extremely tricky in the best of circumstances. When you throw in asynchronicity, it is the absolute worst. It’s like your code is trapped in a convoluted time travel movie. You want to perform some operation, but that requires stepping into a time portal and coming out at some indeterminate […]