Stop Trying to Optimize Your New Developers!

Computer Scientists often use the phrase “premature optimization” to describe effort wasted on making code better or faster when it hasn’t been demonstrated to be a bottleneck in the software’s run time or the development team’s process. Implementing a super-fast-access data structure for a list of just ten things would qualify, as would spending eight […]

3 Steps to Building Credibility & Winning Your Client’s Trust

As a member of a software implementation team, I consider building credibility with new clients extremely important. Fortunately, clients usually have many positive interactions with people at Atomic Object before meeting with us, which tees up the relationship. Nevertheless, there’s often a noticeable skepticism from clients before implementation begins. This is understandable, as these clients […]

Abstraction Laddering – An Easy, Effective Problem Framing Exercise

Atomic helps clients solve all sorts of business problems with custom software. Unfortunately, most clients don’t know how to describe their problems in a useful way. They usually just list symptoms instead of getting to the root cause. These conversations remind me of a quote from Gino Wickman: When addressing issues, leadership teams spend most […]

Six Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills & Become a Great Consultant

If there’s one critical consulting skill that’s often overlooked, it’s listening. I’m talking about real active listening — hearing what the client is saying. Many consultants focus on impressing clients with the depth of their knowledge. They get so engrossed with their own knowledge, they don’t even realize that all they hear is their own […]