6 Questions that Keep Your Team Engaged During Remote Meetings

As of writing this post, we’re exactly nine months into working remotely due to COVID19. What I miss most is the ease of face-to-face meetings and that immediate feedback, visible and audible, of being at the same table. I miss the ability to read how someone is receiving the information or even how people are […]

Networking Opportunities for Atomic Interns & Employees

Recently, I received a very insightful question from an applicant to Atomic Object. They were considering an internship and were wondering if a small company would have as many networking opportunities as a larger enterprise-size company. I think this is a great question, especially for an internship, when the focus should be on building relationships […]

My 4 Favorite Fun, Educational Tech Follows on Twitter

Finding palatable learning material can be difficult. Especially in the tech industry, it might feel like the only decent learning materials are hundred-slide lectures, verbose Wikipedia articles, and Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition. But I’ve recently found an unexpected source for some creative and engaging methods of communicating technical concepts — Twitter. I discovered that […]

Explore the World! Take a Code Vacation

Everybody needs an occasional vacation — time set aside to relax, recharge, get inspired, expand your horizons, etc. You don’t need to travel far to get these things, but it certainly helps to move yourself out of familiar territory. As a programmer, it’s also important to occasionally get away from the codebases you use on […]