How InsurTech Companies Are Using IoT to Help Insurance Customers

When I first heard about insurance companies using internet-of-things (IoT) devices to monitor driving habits, I remember cynically thinking, “They just want to find a reason to justify raising my premiums.” I have seen too many product companies that didn’t stop to ask the question, “Should we?” and instead only asked, “Can we?” This led […]

Microaggressions: How to Fight Them in Your Workplace

This post is part four of a four-part collaboration between authors Marjie and Bella. In our previous posts, we reviewed microaggressions in the workplace and why it’s difficult for the recipients of microaggressions to fight them on their own. We also explored how to identify when you are the perpetrator of microaggressions. In this post, […]

Byzantine Failure: The Importance of Consensus Protocols in Distributed & Blockchain Networks

A consensus is a general agreement on value. When you have only two parties, it can be pretty straightforward: Bob: What should we eat? Sam: How about pizza? Bob: I had pizza for lunch; how about tacos instead? Sam: Sounds good! Bob and Sam have agreed on a value that was suggested by one of them, and they […]

Blockchain & Ethereum: Welcome to the Decentralized Internet

From a technical perspective, our society “trusts” big companies with too much of our data. Apps like Facebook and Google serve millions of users a day, all while collecting and storing that data on their servers. We call this process of trusting large corporations centralization, and it’s problematic because it creates single points of failure […]