Voicemail Is Not Secure

I expect that many of our readers have heard about the cell phone hacking in the UK. Political implications and alleged corruption aside, this story has me more than a little frustrated. Granted, the details of this this specific story are awful in their own right, but what really gets me is that people seem to be surprised by the fact that it is possible to break in to someone’s voicemail. It should not be “news” to anyone that voicemail security is terrible.

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Quit Using Terrible Passwords

We should all know by now what makes a good password. It has at least eight characters, upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers. Yet several studies claim that many people are still using something like ‘123456’. These are the most common excuses I hear:

  • Generating a good password is difficult
  • A good password means I have to remember a bunch of random characters
  • Good passwords take too long to type

Wrong on all counts. Passwords don’t have to be difficult, completely random, or hard to type.

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Backup Verification

Since I was first hired as a system admin for Atomic Object, I have been saved countless times by having a good backup system. I have also been burned a few times by broken backups. The two most common problems I have run into are the result of improperly handling symbolic links (symlinks) and backups growing stale and out of date. Here’s how I fixed them.

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