Dumb Development Mistake Checklist

As engineers, we enjoy solving technical problems and enjoy the results of our hard work. But sometimes, our development suddenly and mysteriously stops working, and we get stuck trying to figure out what happened. Then, hours later, we realize it was a really dumb mistake or oversight. Those times are really unfulfilling and frustrating. To […]

Animating Around the iOS Keyboard

My recent post gave an introduction to iOS animation, showing how to move elements around the screen. This time, I’ll show you how to animate view elements in response to the keyboard appearing and disappearing. We’ll pretend we’re working on a photo-sharing app that has a text field to enter the photo’s description into. Unfortunately, […]

Intro to iOS Animation

Simple iOS animations are straightforward to implement. For example, say you’ve got an image on your storyboard that you want to to fly into position when the view controller first loads. To make this happen, first move the image off-screen before the view is displayed. Then, when the view appears, move the image back to […]

Decorating Backbone Collections

There are often times when I want to filter Backbone collections and prevent some of the collection items from being displayed in my view. For instance, say I’m looking at a page of houses for sale. When I set a limit on the maximum price of a house either by entering a number or adjusting […]