AngularJS: Adding One Resolve to All Routes

$routeProvider doesn’t come with the functionality to include a resolve in every single route on an application. But universal resolves can be added in using angular.extend(), an angular method that copies one object into another. A quick refresher on resolves in Angular routes: a resolve is a dependency that should be injected into the controller for a route. The […]

3 Reasons Angular Rocks

Angular.js is an awesome framework for medium-complexity, single-page web applications. Its feature set and use cases fit perfectly in the complexity gap between Backbone.js and Ember.js. Composed of many interesting and useful features such as animation and touch interaction, Angular provides an architecture that makes your single-page web app a joy to work with. 1. […]

Web Form Feedback with AngularJS

The web is full of forms – they let us log in, create accounts, enter dates, check out online orders, and many other things. Users expect smooth and interactive web form experiences with immediate feedback on the state and validity of the information they’ve entered. AngularJS has some cool features that make it very simple […]