Knowledge Sharing at Atomic Object with Snack Table Talks

In the software development industry, you frequently hear people referring to software as DRY. Unlike a dry personality, DRY software is a good thing; it stands for Do not Repeat Yourself. The idea is that if you find yourself writing the same code over an over again, you should refactor it to enable the code to be reused instead of copying it.

When we write code, we don’t like repeating ourselves, and we especially don’t like repeating our mistakes. Within a single application or a single team, it’s relatively easy to avoid repetition, but when you consider an entire company where many project teams are working simultaneously, the challenge intensifies.

How do you effectively share knowledge and lessons learned throughout a business? We’ve recently started an experiment at Atomic Object with the hope of accomplishing just that. We call it Snack Table Talks. Read more on Knowledge Sharing at Atomic Object with Snack Table Talks…