Running Tests from MacVim in iTerm2 Version 3

Way back in 2011, I wrote a blog post showing how to Run Tests from MacVim via or I’ve been using that setup for years without a problem, but when iTerm2 Version 3 was released, it stopped working. I’ve updated the AppleScript and am posting it here for anyone who wants to run tests in iTerm2 (Version 3) while writing code in Vim.

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Highlight Strings in Cucumber Features with Vim

I am currently working on a project that is using Cucumber for its system/integration testing, and I am using MacVim as my primary editor. MacVim comes with Tim Pope’s excellent vim-cucumber plugin pre-installed, so you get syntax highlighting of .feature files right out of the box.

After having used TextMate to edit Cucumber features in the past I was a bit disappointed that double-quoted strings were not being highlighted in Vim. I looked around in the plugin code a bit, and the best I can tell it is only configured to highlight multi-line strings (which are triple-quoted).

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Vim Basics

Being new to Atomic, I am also quite new to a few of the regular tools we use. One of the most used tools of our developers is Vim. We have a nice set of starter scripts and tweaks to greatly improve Vim, but what if you don’t know how to use it? Vim is a powerful tool and, being such a powerful tool, has a lot of features available in a couple key presses. The editor is very robust, but requires some learning and expanding to fit the needs of your projects.

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Run Tests From MacVim via or

For the past several weeks I have been using MacVim as my primary editor for Ruby coding. My workflow has been to edit some code, Command-Tab over to a Terminal window and run a test by either typing the command, or using the up-arrow to run the same test I had already typed in.

This worked pretty well, but it was annoying needing to type in the full path to the test file when running a new test. And I would often Command-Tab just once thinking this would take me back to a Terminal window, but end up looking at a browser forgetting that I had been reading some documentation in between test runs.

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