Building a Siri/iOS HomeKit-Enabled Garage Door Control with Raspberry Pi – Part 2: Software

This post is the second in a series exploring home automation using a Raspberry Pi, each covering a different aspect of the build of a garage door controller: Basic hardware acquisition and installation into a project box Software installation and code for controlling the door Software camera configuration and code streaming video to HomeKit Installing […]

Talking SPI on Raspberry Pi

The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Bus is used for communication between microcontrollers and other digital devices. On the Raspberry Pi it can be very handy for doing things like acquiring values from an Analog-to-Digital converter, reading a temperature sensor, or communicating with another microcontroller. When using SPI on the Raspberry Pi, there are many options […]

Inexpensive Ethernet JTAG Adapter with Raspberry Pi and OpenOCD

I recently wanted an ethernet JTAG adapter for a project I was working on. Unfortunately ethernet JTAG adapters can cost upwards of $300, and even then they can be specific to particular chipset and toolchains. However, were already using OpenOCD with ST-LINK/V2 programmers to communicate with out hardware, and it turns out that it’s very […]

Wireless Communication Between Raspberry Pi and Your Computer

Imagine for a moment that you want to develop a product that uses a Raspberry Pi. Let’s say that this product requires the ability to connect up to a wireless network. Maybe it’s a device that streams music from an online web-service, or maybe it hosts some type of webpage. This functionality should be easy to accomplish […]