Using SQL to Look Through All of Your iMessage Text Messages

iMessage is one of my favorite things about having an iPhone and a Mac. It’s also one of my least favorite things. I love being able to send messages from my computer, and the integration between the two devices is seamless. What frustrates me is the inability to efficiently search through old messages. iOS 13 […]

Converting UTF-8 to the 7-bit GSM Default Alphabet

As blogged about previously, the SME Toolkit has a feature which allows integration with telephone companies to send SMS messages via the SMPP protocol. Recently, we experienced the challenge of needing to communicate SMS messages to a telco utilizing the 7-bit GSM Default Alphabet. The challenge arose from the fact that, internally, the SME Toolkit […]

Character Encoding Fun with SMS Messages

While trying to send SMS messages via the SME Toolkit application using the SMPP protocol, I encountered some bizarre behavior. I would send a seemingly ordinary message via SMPP only to receive a somewhat altered message on my mobile devices. Specifically, only certain symbols were altered, and latin letters appeared normally. What is more, the […]

Converting to UTF-16 and UCS-2 with Iconv

Recently the SME Toolkit, a project sponsored by the International Finance Corporation (a member of the World Bank Group), was attempting to send international SMS messages. This gave everyone on the team a good lesson in character encodings. We had previously utilized UTF-16 to send our SMS messages to the telephone company which we were […]