Protecting the Root Filesystem on Ubuntu with Overlayroot

In certain situations, it is desirable to have a read-only root filesystem. This prevents any changes from occurring on the root filesystem that may alter system behavior, and it allows a simple reboot to restore a system to its pristine state. Examples of such applications include kiosks and embedded devices. Using overlayroot on Ubuntu makes […]

Debian and Ubuntu Automatic Security Updates

Security patches for libraries and tools come out quite frequently. Just subscribe to any Linux distribution security list, and you’ll find that security updates are released with astounding frequency, sometimes even daily. Even kernel security updates are fairly common, with two security patches being released for the kernel used by Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in June. […]

Setting up BIND9 and DHCP3 on Ubuntu with Dynamic DNS

I recently built an internal DNS/DHCP server which I wanted to support Dynamic DNS updates. This can sometimes be a bit of a challenge depending on the operating system and available packages, but it’s really quite easy on Ubuntu. The following guide describes what I did to get BIND9 and DHCP3-server installed, configured, and running […]

Setting Up a Network Share – Part I: NFS

Recently, Mike English and I needed to set up a rather simple network share which could be used for storing and sharing documents, image artifacts, and large binary files. This was to replace our previous network share solution which I inadvertently rendered unusable after a system software upgrade. We intended the network share to be […]