Learn Vim with Spaced Repetition

Last fall I started using Vim as my full-time text editor. Around that same time I came across a fascinating article from Wired titled Want to Remember Everything You’ll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm. The article is about Piotr Wozniak and the spaced repetition algorithm he developed called SuperMemo. SuperMemo is based on the […]

Highlight Strings in Cucumber Features with Vim

I am currently working on a project that is using Cucumber for its system/integration testing, and I am using MacVim as my primary editor. MacVim comes with Tim Pope’s excellent vim-cucumber plugin pre-installed, so you get syntax highlighting of .feature files right out of the box. After having used TextMate to edit Cucumber features in […]

Atomic Vim

Over the last couple of years, most of us here have settled on a shared base vim config. I originally assembled this config after leaving vim for TextMate for a while, only to return wanting the best of both worlds. This isn’t exactly an original endeavor, but the result is a little different from other […]

Character Encoding Tricks for Vim

Manipulating large amounts of data can often be a challenge, especially when the data utilizes complex character encodings or requires a change of character encoding. Fortunately, certain text editors such as Vim are well suited to handle this type of work. Vim supports many character encodings, and provides enhanced functionality to work with some of […]