9 Months into Working from Home, These 6 Things Are Helping Atoms Endure

Way back in March, I surveyed each employee (Atom) at Atomic Object. I tried to get a sense of how we managed to quickly shift from working 100% on-site to 100% remote in a day, with very little notice. (The answers included Discord, Slack, and 1:1 check-ins.) Surely our speedy office exodus was enabled by […]

Are You Sympathetic to Others’ Joy, or Just Their Sorrow?

The title of this post might seem oxymoronic. “Isn’t sympathy reserved for people’s struggles?” you might ask. Turns out, it’s not. The most powerful impact of your sympathy might be when it’s directed at people’s triumphs. What Is Sympathetic Joy? Sympathetic joy is just what it sounds like — focusing your powers of sympathy on […]

70 Atoms Share What Most Helped Them Transition to Remote Work

Last Wednesday afternoon, we got the email you might have, too. We’d be closing the office and working from home to protect ourselves and our communities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. By Friday, we had transitioned to an all-remote company. After a quick and smooth transition, I wondered what could we share with […]

Brittany Hunter named Managing Partner in Atomic’s Grand Rapids Office

Brittany Hunter is Atomic Object’s newest managing partner at our Grand Rapids office. She will join Jeff Williams, Mike Marsiglia, and Shawn Crowley on the office’s management and leadership team, which conducts sales, manages staff and client relationships, and develops new business. Hunter’s career at Atomic has spanned eight years and three roles. She joined […]